Honeywell Moves Toward the Digital Age 

Australian customer deploys an end-to-end Honeywell hardware and software solution  

Hot Toner is a leading online supplier of premium consumables for printers, photocopiers, and facsimile machines. With an extensive, highly consumable product range, Hot Toner’s online store is open 24 hours a day, 7 ays a week.

The Needs

In order to support its future business growth and enhance its customer service, Hot Toner required a technology solution that would provide better management of the order workflow and an improved picking accuracy.

Initially using Quick-Books (accounting software), Hot Toner required a Cloud-based CRM that could fulfil their requirements of handling a growing network load, involved least maintenance cost, and could fit in their company protocols. The business needed a scalable solution that is mobile and is not dependent on the internet for its operation and which also had a cost effective interface that can be deployed on the company’s existing hardware.

The Solution 

Using the Honeywell Movilizer mobile platform within NetSuite to improve Hot Toner’s warehouse operations enabled NetSuite to continue to manage the order workflow while enhancing picking accuracy. This also gives the Hot Toner warehouse staff complete control over data delivery. Respecting the large size of the facility, the Honeywell Movilizer Warehouse Management System allows the staff to process orders on their mobile devices regardless of internet connectivity.

With Cloud to Cloud-based synchronisation, Hot Toner’s data is delivered and updated in real-time from NetSuite to the handheld devices used in the warehouse. With NetSuite managing the operations, workflows are customised to display the information when required, to check order accuracy. This integration also provides Hot Toner with a workflow that allows the system to collect new product barcodes from suppliers when the goods are received; keeping their SKU’s up-to- date.


Built entirely within the NetSuite platform by Honeywell partner Cloud Coders, all NetSuite’s item variations and configuration options are supported by the Honeywell Movilizer. Also, the Honeywell Movilizer user interface allows deployment on virtually any hardware, so saves cost. With improved accuracy and reduced human error, there is a lesser need for staff training and time-consuming error checking.

The Benefits 

The new solution adopted by Hot Toner ensures that even during the internet down time, the Honeywell Movilizer Warehouse Management System allows orders to continue to be processed, as each user has the correct display of information for their needs.

Importantly for the business, implementing mobile solutions was easy and flexible, and a natural extension to NetSuite. By using a customised solution, and industry standard hardware, Hot Toner reduced warehouse picking errors to less than 0.1%. Accuracy has also been achieved without sacrificing efficiency or impacting on the time to pick and process orders. The facility is now managed more efficiently with complete control over data delivery.

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