Honeywell Becomes the Yardstick for Tracking Lumber in New Zealand

New Zealand product handling company processes more materials by halving the time spent scanning product

C3 is the leading provider of product handling solutions in New Zealand, with over 1300 staff working in 15 ports in the ANZ region. With major partnerships including New Zealand Steel, Fletcher Building and TPT, C3 works with importers, exporters and shipping lines to provide end-to-end services and expertise. Each year, C3 handles over 14.5 million tonnes of cargo. This includes around 30 million logs, 3.5 million tonnes of forest products and 200,000 tonnes of steel.

    “C3 has over 60 years’ experience, and with this comes the knowledge that product handling in port is complex, technically demanding and time pressured. We needed to ensure that our cargo is tracked, quickly and accurately“ said Brendon Sparrow, Infrastructure Team Leader for C3.

From the Forest to the Wharf and Beyond

Since wood begins to deteriorate as soon as it is felled, C3 wanted a solution that could track the status of each log along the journey to ensure efficient transportation as well as providing its customers visibility into the journey of the materials. Given how valuable wharf side storage is, C3 required a solution that could provide better accuracy and clarity of shipments.

C3 Turns to Honeywell CT50

To do this, C3 turned to Honeywell and deployed its Dolphin CT50 Handheld Computer which provides advanced mobile computing capabilities for rugged environments. By providing CT50 to C3 fleet of workers, C3 was able to offer end-to-end product management to give their customers full visibility of the products journey - from the product’s origin and processing through to being loaded for export.

Each log is tagged with a unique identifier, scanned, measured, tracked, and graded throughout its life cycle. However, each stage of the process offers an opportunity for errors and delays. The CT50 camera automates the log counting process in real time, whilst dual pairing two CT50’s, this enables scanning both ends of the logs simultaneously for faster, fully automated log processing portside.

    “The CT50 is light years ahead in terms of processing, and has enabled us to dramatically reduce the time we spend scanning logs shipside, bringing it down to between 1 and 3 minutes. This results in logs spending less time shipside, and greater efficiencies while loading,“ said Mr. Sparrow.

Android Delivers Ultimate Interface

Given the time pressures, it’s critical that the technology is easy to use and understand. The CT50 uses the Android operating system. The CT50 allows for photo counting automation in a trigger gun form factor.

    “Moving to the Android system has been a revelation for C3 for a variety of supply chain tracking activities, including the ability to count more logs at a faster rate and track logs more accurately. Since the Android OS is an open platform, this meant there was a real ease of development. Furthermore, the trigger form factor gives our staff the ability to work the way they want, reducing user fatigue in the process,“ said Mr. Sparrow.

The Next 50 Years

C3 is anticipating substantial gains across all workflow facets and has seen 10%-15% gains in operations, from the speed and performance of technology. The amount of time the CT50 has saved through every step of the delivery process, including halving the time spent scanning the product, enables C3 staff to process more materials, which is ideal for the growing company.

    “Working with Honeywell has helped us refine our current workflows, constantly working on how C3 can become streamlined within our operation. The handheld computer that Honeywell has delivered for our workers, has saved precious time and helped ensure accuracy at every stage,“ said Mr. Sparrow.



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