Keeping Your Workers Safe and Efficient with Connected Worker Solutions

With all of the talk about automation, driverless cars and an ongoing daily cadence of new innovations, at the end of the day, we at Honeywell believe businesses are about their people. However, the challenge comes in fortifying these workers: making them more productive and safer.


Or, as Chris Munnelly, Director of Connected Worker and Breakthroughs at Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions, described it during Movilizer Days 2017, finding a balance between the Knight and the Ninja.

“You could be a knight in a suit of armor, but you’re really slow — if someone's super-safe but they're not productive, that doesn't do well for the company,” explains Munnelly. “Or, you could have a super-fast ninja warrior, but who has no protection. So, what we're trying to do is optimize the two of them.”

That’s what the idea behind the Connected Worker is all about: getting the job done efficiently, error-free and safely. The solution understands and addresses the fact that, not only does inefficient work result in mistakes affecting your bottom line, but with almost 5,000 fatal workplace accidents in the United States just last year, safety is equally important.

This isn’t just about the worker out in the field, however. It’s about the community of the connected workers — folks like the industrial plant and safety managers, auditors and procurement people who all need real-time information, analytics and cost effectiveness in order for operations to run smoothly and without major incidents.

This framework, according to Munnelly, captures the gist of what we're doing at Honeywell — a productivity business and a safety business. That’s why we offer industry leading productivity tools and solutions, bolstered by a global safety business that protects over half a billion people daily with a range of solutions. Among our recent Connected Worker innovations and solutions:

  • Vocollect Maintenance & Inspection: The Vocollect Solution virtually eliminates the outdated back and forth data entry and look-up time on a laptop, handheld device or with paper forms by allowing workers to speak commands and verbally input data findings directly into your system via a headset with a microphone, with the ability to perform several the tasks concurrently.
  • Sentience Platform: An Internet of Things (IoT) platform that delivers robust and secure big data capabilities for all of Honeywell’s connected solutions, focusing on targeted interventions to help facilities more easily identify building problems and improvement opportunities that can drive energy savings along with operational and comfort improvements.
  • Sotera: Our comprehensive safety software platform that supports our connected worker offerings such as two-way communications, geo-location and automatic safety alerts in order to provide employers with real-time awareness of safety incidents and the ability to respond quickly if an employee is injured in a remote location.


“This is really about our pivot to becoming a cyber industrial powerhouse,” says Munnelly. “My background is in software, and the reason I joined Honeywell was I saw a huge opportunity to take all these edge devices — we’re the biggest edge device company in the world — and connect them, and you think about the permutations when it comes to analytics around that — it's huge.”

To learn more about specific software, products and solutions, be sure to watch the video above, the replay of our recent live broadcast event or contact us for details.


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