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      Bon Appetit® Bakery is a wholesale manufacturing facility, specializing in gourmet baking and distribution of top-quality Danish pastries, cakes, muffins and other fine gourmet products.
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Case Study (PDF)

March 2016

Bon Appetit® Bakery is a wholesale manufacturing facility, specializing in gourmet baking and distribution of top-quality Danish pastries, cakes, muffins and other fine gourmet products. The California-based business serves the retail and convenience store industry throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Bon Appetit Bakery’s network of 400 delivery drivers had previously been using consumer-grade personal digital assistants (PDAs) to help track their deliveries. However, because of the demanding delivery environment, nearly 5% of their PDAs needed repair or replacement every week. That’s about 1,000 costly concerns every year – and money better spent elsewhere in the business.

Bon Appetit knew they needed to upgrade to a rugged, more innovative hardware technology that could not only withstand the rigors of the delivery environment, but also grow with them in the future.

Expanding Innovation

Since they already had an existing internal software and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, Bon Appetit Bakery turned to a field mobility solutions provider to help implement a hardware solution that would seamlessly integrate with Bon Appetit’s existing software.

After testing multiple devices, Bon Appetit selected Honeywell mobile computers and printers.

The Honeywell mobile computers enable each distribution driver to identify the items he needs to load into his truck. The mobile computer also provides his delivery route for the day.

At each destination, the driver uses the Honeywell mobile computer to enter the quantity of each product he’s unloading for delivery.

Next, the Honeywell mobile printer makes it easy to print a pre-invoice for review to ensure that the delivery is correct. The store manager can then accept delivery by signing the invoice directly on the mobile computer’s touchscreen display.

To complete the delivery, Bon Appetit’s driver prints a signature copy invoice for the customer. Then it’s off to his or her next delivery destination.

“The Honeywell solution had all of the capabilities we were looking for, and was something we could grow into,” said Bon Appetit Bakery’s IT Manager, Marc Sy. “Employees especially liked the long battery life, which lasts a whole 12-hour shift without any issues.”

Sy also noted that the rugged design of the Honeywell solution was something they definitely needed.

“Our distributors are rough, and we were replacing between 15 and 20 of our old PDAs each week. Even though we had them under warranty, we were still constantly on the phone working to get them replaced. On top of that, the repair or replacement took a two-week turnaround,” explained Sy.

That’s no longer an issue, thanks to the new Honeywell solution.

“We’ve already had a mobile computer get run over by one of our trucks, and it’s still working. The screen wasn’t even cracked, and all the keys still worked. It’s amazing,” said Sy. “We also have the Honeywell Repair Services package, and so now our repair turnaround time has gone down from two weeks to two business days.”

Since deployment, Sy said they’ve seen impressive results that make them excited for the future.

“We’ve seen a lot of time savings, reduced user error and we now spend much less time on the back and forth involved in product replacement and repair,” said Sy. “The new technology has really just made life a lot easier. Drivers can now get in and out of the stores much faster and in a more efficient way.”

Planning for the Future

Sy said they hope to further expand upon the capabilities of their technology. And now that they’re seeing the benefits of an advanced hardware solution, they plan to revisit their proprietary software and internal ERP system, too.

“Our hope is that we can expand upon our total solution in the future to help with faster data processing and a better invoicing system,” said Sy. “This will help us offer better, more efficient service to our customer network, which is one of our most important goals.”

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