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      Founded in 1985, Chronopost is the French specialist for express parcel deliveries up to 30kg to companies and individuals all over the world. A subsidiary of GeoPost, Chronopost is a holding company for Parcel and Express deliveries of La Poste Group. The company relies on a network consisting of 69 operational sites of which six are hubs. On 23 December 2008, Chronopost achieved a record level of 430,000 parcels delivered.
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      Provide customers with express delivery tracking information
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      Dolphin® 9500 mobile computer

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      Optimization of the process allows the agents to guarantee that 96% of the deliveries are made within the specified delivery time.

Confirm Parcel Deliveries in Less than Ten Minutes.

Case Study (PDF)

January 2009

Chronopost, France’s express delivery specialist and subsidiary of the GeoPost group, has chosen Honeywell Scanning & Mobility to provide its customers with express delivery tracking information. During the fi rst half of 2007, more than 4,500 Dolphin 9500 mobile computers featuring Adaptus® Imaging Technology 5.0, Wi-Fi and GPRS/EDGE were deployed by Chronopost’s agents in France. Thanks to this project, which was carried out in cooperation with CEMI, a French integrator specializing in automatic identifi cation, Chronopost has improved the service and quality of real-time information to its customers.

The Challenge

Information underlying the express delivery service

Back in 1997, Chronopost already broke new ground by introducing mobile computing and digital signatures. Since 2002, it has selected Honeywell Dolphin mobile computers, provided by the French integrator CEMI for data collection and communication. Facing the growing needs of the express delivery market, Chronopost has placed traceability of its deliveries using cutting-edge information technology in the core of its development strategy. Offering flawless real-time tracking information to its customers at each stage was one of the main concerns for Chronopost already at an early stage.

The Solution

The agents’ choice - Dolphin 9500 mobile computers

In early 2006, Chronopost decided to migrate to the third generation of mobile computers and implement GPRS transmission to all its delivery rounds. The required solution had to meet the following criteria: resistance to temperature differences and dust, lightweight form factor, and a touch screen with a numeric keyboard.

Three models were selected and subjected to tests in real-life conditions at three pilot sites. To guarantee a higher uptake of the solution, the agents were immediately involved in the selection process and invited to give their feedback on the mobile terminal’s battery life, weight and design. The costs and IT performance were also assessed during testing. Following the initial test phase, the Honeywell Dolphin 9500 mobile computers were selected

Optimized service for all - agents and customers

In the course of the first half of 2007, 4,500 terminals were deployed at 65 Chronopost agents, and 160 regional sub-contractors. At the same time, 14,000 terminals were bought by GeoPost, the parent company of Chronopost. Chronopost noticed very quickly an improvement in the service supplied to its clients with deliveries confirmed in less than 10 minutes. The optimization of the process allows the agents to guarantee that 96% of the deliveries are made within the specified delivery time.

A strategic software system created by Chronopost and supported by CEMI

CEMI, Chronopost’s longstanding partner, is responsible for deploying and maintaining the Dolphin 9500 mobile computers. CEMI therefore deals with any Return Material Authorization (RMA) requests from the agents with a unique web-based management and tracking service developed entirely by CEMI. CEMI is also committed to supplying mobile terminals to any agent within 24 hours if there is an issue with the hardware or software system.

“The mobile terminals allow continuous improvement of the quality of information transmitted to our clients and the recipients,” stated Georges Savaya, Director of Information Services at Chronopost. “In addition to the quality of transportation and meeting the delivery times, our clients expect reliable and fast tracing information about their parcels. They can now access the information about the location of their shipment in real-time (in less than 10 minutes) at chronopost.fr.”

“The solution from Honeywell together with the service from CEMI represents to us a guarantee of performance and quality,” said Raphaël Alvarez, Manager of Transportation Information Systems at Chronopost. “Once again, they have proven that they can supply cutting-edge solutions geared towards the extreme conditions experienced during our delivery rounds. Thanks to the use of GPRS on all our delivery routes, our call centre has been relieved of requests for tracing information. Our clients can from now on follow their parcels and the delivery information which is provided in record time. Our agents are also highly satisfied. They are currently equipped with real mobile computers to help keep track of their rounds, and can follow all delivery instructions in detail. Chronopost now offers an express delivery service capable of meeting the needs of each client.”

“We are extremely satisfied with our cooperation with Honeywell,” explained Claude Halimi, Sales and Marketing Director at CEMI. “Thanks to the advanced features of the Dolphin terminals, we can offer Chronopost leading-edge solutions. We are also strengthening our role as a special partner of Chronopost.”

“Chronopost’s choice bears testament to the quality of our mobile computer range supported by integrator CEMI,” added Philippe Buidin, EMEA Marketing Leader at Honeywell Scanning & Mobility. “Our solutions have proven their versatility, performance, reliability and ruggedness making them suitable for express deliveries.”

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