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June 2013

A newly formed joint venture, ClarkDietrich Building Systems is a national manufacturer of construction materials with a focus on providing complete building solutions to the construction marketplace. ClarkWestern Building Systems and Dietrich Metal Framing have consistently set the standard for quality and leadership in the industry and have built the finest reputation as major suppliers of lath and steel framing systems in the United States. ClarkDietrich now operates 13 manufacturing facilities, with specialties, including cold- formed steel framing, clips connectors, structural engineering services, metal lath and plaster steel accessories, vinyl trims and beads, and more.

When ClarkWestern and Dietrich merged, the facilities had several platforms of data collection equipment to support. The custom-developed data collection application ran on a Windows Mobile platform and connected to a central server. ClarkDietrich's goal was to improve the wireless connection speeds for their devices, as well as standardize on one unit used across all facilities with an integrated Extended Range Scanner.

The Intermec by Honeywell CK71 with N radio provided one of the fastest radios on the market, as well as a faster processor and the best 2D imager extended range scanner with the EX25 scan engine.

ClarkDietrich had worked with Intermec by Honeywell partner Key Solutions during previous upgrades of the data collection equipment. The partner provided demo gear, an understanding of the business, as well as an understanding of the Intermec by Honeywell product offerings.

In past installations, a member of the company's IT department would travel to each facility to help configure and install the hardware. However, for this installation, Key Solutions recommended Intermec by Honeywell SmartSystems with the ScanNGo feature for a remote deployment option.

ClarkDietrich's IT department was then able to use ScanNGo to set up the radio settings to get the hardware onto the network. A separate ScanNGo bar code was then created for the network settings and security information for each facility. Another 2D barcode was scanned to load the custom application CAB file from a server on the network.

By doing this, the units were configured at the corporate headquarters and then sent to each individual facility. No one from IT then needed to travel to the various plants for configuration.

The roll out process went very smoothly and each site was able to set up the units themselves.

"Using SmartSystems to deploy the new equipment saved the company over $ 50,000 in travel and deployment costs alone," said Dave Stolz, IT Manager for ClarkDietrich.

The customer reports, the seamless integration with the SmartSystems barcodes, and the extended range scanner are the best features of the new equipment.

ClarkDietrich is now able to use the features of SmartSystems to manage the devices remotely, as corporate IT is not where any of the plants are located. This has afforded them major improvement in efficiency and cost effectiveness, making them a very happy customer.

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