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      This international beverage maker offers an expansive portfolio of products that encompass several major categories and includes many of the world’s top household-name brands.

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      • Rapidly deployed tablet-based technology to sales teams across the globe
      • Delivered responsive support and management services
      • Minimized project risk
      • Gained predictability and consistency in project planning, timeline and costs
      • Implemented an industry-leading multiplatform BYOD program for employees to connect iOS and Android devices to company networks


Case Study (PDF)

February 2016

This multinational corporation is a leading provider of premium drinks. Its brands of alcoholic beverages are recognized around the world, and it generated more than US$22 billion in revenue in 2012. With 28,000 employees worldwide, the company needed to upgrade its mobile devices to improve productivity and collaboration among its global workforce, and turned to Honeywell for help.

The Needs

Upgrade mobile devices used by staff worldwide in order to boost productivity and promote secure collaboration

Work with a mobility services provider with deep expertise in global deployments and support services

The Solution

Honeywell has deployed, supported and managed more than 8,000 mobile smartphones and tablets for the company

The Results

By working with Honeywell to manage the deployment, configuration and ongoing support of mobile devices throughout its operations, the beverage producer has gained several advantages. Key benefits include:

Accelerated deployment process. By taking advantage of Honeywell’s demonstrable skill in strategy development, planning and adaptive problem-solving, the beverage maker benefitted from a fast, smooth rollout process. Working through a network of local partners, Honeywell successfully managed the configuration and delivery of all tablets to the beverage company’s employees and affiliates. The delivery of the tablets was coordinated to coincide with the release of a critical internally developed app for sales contact management. “Despite all of the unique logistical nuances and challenges of doing business on a global scale, we still delivered the fully configured and secured Android devices on schedule,” says the senior manager. “From day one, Honeywell said they would complete the project on time, and they did, while bringing the utmost professionalism to the task.”

Reduced project risk through access to global best practices. The beverage company was able to tap into Honeywell’s deep experience and globally shared knowledge base to mitigate the risks that accompany any complex deployment project. On several occasions, the senior manager recalls technicians and project leaders from Honeywell referencing other recent projects as they presented solutions to potential blocking concerns.“When you’re in my position, overseeing a complex technology rollout process, you want your deployment partner to say things like: ‘We’ve seen that issue before and we know how to solve it,’” she says. “The Honeywell team not only brings a ton of experience to the table, but they also incorporate best practices that absolutely work to shorten deployment times and reduce risk. I’ve seen it in action, and I’m totally impressed.”

Gained predictability and consistency in project planning, timeline and costs. The beverage company was able to keep the complex project schedule on track in part because Honeywell coordinated its activities with those of local partner and affiliate resources. “Honeywell definitely had to do some creative planning that took into account the logistical issues and multiple parties involved in the deployment,” says the senior manager. Additionally, the beverage maker now offers employees consistent support that saves money and improves productivity. She adds, “Without a dedicated resource for tasks like fulfilling help-desk requests and replacing devices, we would be setting ourselves up for a logistical nightmare, which would ultimately lead to increased costs over time.”

Strengthened partnership with a trusted mobility advisor. Following the success of these global deployments, the beverage maker’s leadership is excited to have strengthened the company’s relationship with a trusted advisor. As mobile productivity continues to figure prominently in the beverage maker’s sales growth in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond, the company will increasingly rely on the expertise and responsive support that it receives from Honeywell. In the coming months, the beverage company plans to kick off mobile device deployment projects in several more countries. The senior manager concludes, “It has been a fantastic experience working with Honeywell, and I look forward to working with them again on all of my future rollouts.”

The Business Situation

This international beverage maker offers an expansive portfolio of products that encompass several major categories and includes many of the world’s top household-name brands. The company’s operations are segmented across five geographic regions, and it markets and distributes its products in dozens of countries throughout these areas.

To boost the flexibility of application development and ultimately drive greater productivity, the company is in the midst of a phased transition from using the Windows® Mobile operating system to the Apple® iOS and Google Android™ platforms. In particular, the beverage maker has placed a priority on adapting its internally developed applications for use on these mobile platforms.

As part of its mobile transition strategy, the beverage maker needed to deploy these devices to its own sales staff as well as employees of the company’s major distribution partners. “As we looked ahead to the deployment, one of the challenges we saw was how to ensure proper security configuration for the devices used by outside employees,” says the Senior Manager and Sales Force Automation Deployment Lead for Asia- Pacific operations. For example, “Some countries in my region have laws in place that prevent multinationals from prescribing business practices to local vendors. We knew this would make it much more difficult to manage a coordinated deployment.” She adds, “This only intensified the need to find a skilled mobility services provider.”

Although the company had already distributed Samsung Galaxy tablets, these devices were not enrolled in the company’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) environment. This meant that the beverage maker lacked an efficient way to monitor, secure and update these devices in line with corporate standards. Further, low operational visibility into these devices prevented the company from providing responsive end-user support, including tracking issue resolution rates, assessing inventory status and cost, and quickly replacing lost or damaged devices.

The Solution

Since 2011, the beverage maker has been working with Honeywell, a global managed mobility services provider, to manage thousands of devices across several regions. For instance, Honeywell’s strategy and planning, device deployment and help-desk capabilities were crucial to the rollout of hundreds of iPad® devices to sales staff in India.

Next, the company engaged Honeywell in January 2013 for a project in the Asia-Pacific region. Solutions include Enterprise Mobility Deployment, Mobile Device Management, Mobile Workforce Support and Mobility Intelligence, Monitoring and Analytics. The company had considered and rejected an option to contract with the local division of the wireless carrier to handle the deployment. “It made sense to engage Honeywell because they’ve done this work for us all over the world,” says the senior manager for the beverage company. “Partnering with a mobility services provider that has such a deep knowledge base and one that understands how our company works definitely gives me peace of mind.” (Since then, several more of the company’s geographic sales regions have leveraged the Honeywell agreement to deliver deployment and support services for new rollouts.)

As a first step in the Asia-Pacific project, the beverage producer’s leaders met with Honeywell to begin developing the strategy and planning phase of the project. “From those meetings, it became clear that our highest priority was to secure the devices that were already in the field and get the new devices out to employees as quickly as possible,” says Chris Collins, Project Manager at Honeywell.

Honeywell worked diligently to ensure that all Samsung devices were enabled with the beverage producer’s standardized security configuration, including enrollment in the company’s mobile device management system. “The team from Honeywell did an outstanding job breaking down the plan into concrete, easy-to-follow steps so that everyone knew their role and could execute on time,” says the beverage maker’s senior manager.

Throughout the deployment process and, now, as a fixed component of its mobility services engagement, the beverage maker has relied on expert mobility help-desk support from Honeywell. For customers worldwide, Honeywell provides phone-based issue tracking and resolution – 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year – designed to help employees address mobility hardware and software problems fast, so they can stay productive from anywhere. Honeywell also provides a comprehensive device depot program, including management of the beverage maker’s spare device pool, which facilitates overnight device replacements and the resolution of warranty issues with the OEM.

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