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      Positive field operation uptake

      Increased device uptime and ROI, thanks to the CN50's rugged design

      Reduced reliance on paper through automation

Golden Opportunity: How Golden Messenger Replaced Outdated Paper-Based Processes to Deliver Vastly Improved Results for its Customers.

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June 2013

A well-established transport and delivery company within Australia, Golden Messenger provides express courier services nationwide, delivering interstate parcel and mail courier services in a timely and efficient manner.

To maintain their standing within the transport and delivery industry, it’s crucial that Golden Messenger continues to operate in a timely and efficient manner, while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. Rodney Oldham, General Manager for Golden Messenger Couriers, explains that to stay at the forefront of an evolving industry, it’s important for organizations to integrate new software and hardware as it becomes available.

Customer signing for a package on a mobile computer
“We’ve continued to make an investment in technology over the years, and it has significantly changed the way we operate for the better,” said Oldham. “Whenever we’ve looked to integrate a new solution, it’s always been about trying to find the right partner who can deliver the right solutions that will benefit not only us as an agent, but most importantly our customers.”

From Manual, Paper-Based Processes to a Mobile, Electronic Solution

Golden Messenger courier services often include delivering mission-critical items to hospitals and laboratories. As with all their deliveries, it's important for them be able to provide real-time status updates for these sensitive deliveries. However, the company's manual, paper-based processes were less than ideal.

Operations Manager Jason Horvath describes his experience. "When I first started with Golden Messenger nearly 15 years ago, all of our paperwork was done manually," said Horvath. "We would manually fill out the dockets and broadcast that via two-way radio to the fleet. Then the fleet drivers would use that information to complete the run-sheets by hand.

As with many paper-based systems, instances of human error, efficiency concerns, and the lack of real-time availability and visibility of goods were problems at Golden Messenger. Operations Manager Jason Horvath explains that the company's existing system was cumbersome and time-consuming, particularly when providing a proof of receipt.

The time had come to replace the company's outdated processes with an autonomous, process-driven electronic system. That's when Golden Messenger contacted Intermec® by Honeywell and Peacock Bros., an Australia-based provider of identification systems and supplies.

Together, they identified three keys to improving operations and, as a result, customer service:

  • Increase visibility across their fleet of drivers
  • Have access to real-time information
  • Implement a mobile solution able to withstand the rigors of the industry

X Marks the Spot

The solution pairs the CN50, a rugged, GPS-enabled mobile computer from Intermec by Honeywell, with mapping software developed by Peacock Bros.

As Jerry Horvath explains, the new solution has yielded excellent results for Golden Messenger and their customers. "With this new mobile technology, we know exactly where our carriers are located at all times, so not only do we know when the package is delivered in real-time, but also who signed for it, and the exact GPS location where the package was delivered.".

Golden Messenger can now provide more information to their customers in real-time with the integrated mapping software and GPS data. "The electronic proof of delivery system is the core solution behind our high parcel visibility," said Horvath.

It enables them to respond to customer inquiries quickly and accurately. Peacock Bros. Enterprise Mobility National Sales Manager George Pecchiar believes that pairing the Intermec by Honeywell CN50 with Peacock Bros. mapping software has generated significant improvements for Golden Messenger.

"The CN50's GPS capabilities complemented the proof of delivery software we developed for Golden Messenger, vastly increasing the accuracy and visibility of their carriers," said Pecchiar. "Our software ensures that Golden Messenger was not only able to better monitor their assets, but provide their customers with comprehensive real-time feedback concerning the status of their delivery."

Purpose Built to Last

Not only did the CN50 provide a number of features that integrated with the Peacock Bros. software, but the device itself was also well suited to the rigors of the industry. Transport and delivery operators often operate their devices in difficult circumstances. That made the CN50's rugged design a welcome addition for the Golden Messenger carriers.

"Our carriers are on the road anywhere from 10 to 12 hours a day, in and out of vehicles," said Horvath. "Over the years, we've had a number of devices dropped by our carriers. Those devices tended to not last over time.

"But the CN50 is a rugged device demonstrated to me to be specifically designed for the industry. Its longer lifespan over time was a key factor in choosing the Intermec by Honeywell device."

It's important for organizations to consider employing ruggedized devices in environments where the devices may be exposed to rough treatment, explains Tony Repaci, Managing Director for Intermec by Honeywell across Australia and New Zealand.

"Wherever you have a device that has to face conditions which may render it unusable for a period of time, it's going to cost your organization money," said Repaci. "So employing the CN50 in this instance reduced potential downtime and total cost of ownership for Golden Messenger, producing a substantial increase in the ROI over non-rugged devices."

As the company's GM, Rodney Oldham appreciates the need for a mobile computer that's designed for the industry and easy for their workers to use on a day-to-day basis.

"Mobile computers in the transport and delivery industry are certainly the most important everyday device for our carriers. So where possible we have to make sure that these devices are as user friendly as possible," said Oldham.

"The larger screens on the CN50, as well as the keypads where they can either tap the screen by finger or bring up information electronically, are a big advantage for our carriers. It makes it easier when they are on the fly delivering packages and capturing signatures to have an easily readable screen."

Driven by Results

By integrating a mobile computing solution with accurate and reliable GPS tracking into their daily operations, Golden Messenger ultimately improved their customer service with more efficient and accurate real-time information. Additional benefits to the company included:

  • Positive field operation uptake
  • Increased device uptime and ROI, thanks to the CN50's rugged design
  • Reduced reliance on paper through automation

Process Improvement   Replacing Paper-based Systems

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