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Material handling industry makes the digital transformation

Many operators have transitioned to more automated, digital processes, yet many are still challenged by omnichannel complexities, rising customer service expectations, and labor availability challenges. Learn how you can stay ahead with connected DC solutions.


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Distribution center applications

Address sortation and workflow challenges

Delivery on time every time

Our workflow processes improve driver productivity and speed deliveries, provide more accurate delivery windows, improve first-time delivery success, and reduce costly rework.

Sorting out your sortation options

From consolidating facilities and acquiring businesses to streamlining processes and improving efficiency, there are several reasons to consider automated sortation solutions.

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Worker wearing a voice headset picking boxes out of a distribution center aisle

Which vertical conveyor is best for your operations?

To keep pace with consumer expectations and enable direct-to-consumer delivery, retailers and manufacturers are rapidly evolving their distribution center strategies.

Warehouse execution system (WES)

Momentum™ WES makes automated decisions that respond to operational demands in real time — increasing the flexibility and speed necessary for omnichannel fulfillment.

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Industry-leading products and solutions

Explore the latest in voice and wearable technology

Voice technology benefits

Watch this video — featuring Honeywell Intelligrated expert Sean Wallingford — to learn how voice solutions increase fulfillment, accuracy, and efficiency.

Market segmentation

When designing an automated material handling system, businesses must consider a variety of industry challenges — from e-commerce and retail to food and beverage.

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Retail worker checking out a customer with a voice headset and a wearable barcode scanner

A wearable revolution

From hands-free voice solutions to wearable barcode scanners and much more, connected technology is quickly becoming the standard for modern distribution centers.

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How voice software works

Watch this video — featuring Honeywell Intelligrated experts Sean Wallingford and Jason Franklin — to learn how voice software improves order fulfillment efficiency.

Get better outcomes

Explore our total safety solutions

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As the world leader in industrial safety, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of head-to-toe personal protective equipment, fixed and portable gas detectors, software, sensors, and other connected technologies for real-time safety monitoring, analytics, and safety management.

It’s time to make the digital transformation

It’s more important than ever to make the digital transformation. We’re ready to help you make the leap with best-in-class expertise and complete solutions.

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