At Honeywell, we believe in the power of intelligence. Now, here’s a solution to give you more of it.

It’s a common problem: Many businesses today lack actionable information on IT assets, service, and operational workflows. This means many devices are not performing to expectations or are being improperly maintained – impacting productivity and profitability. According to industry studies:

up to
of devices go missing
up to
are sent for repairs unnecessarily
up to
fail before a full day’s shift

Honeywell Operational Intelligence is a cloud-based software solution that solves this problem. By systematizing service workflows and aggregating and analyzing real-time information from all your devices, Operational Intelligence gives you the actionable insights you need to optimize the performance and maintenance of your critical IT assets and their associated workflows.

Service Management

Operational Intelligence is a vendor-agnostic solution that systematically standardizes, manages, and optimizes the process of servicing your IT assets to reduce wasteful spend. 25% of returns are classified as no fault found.1
Operational Intelligence Data Standardization icon

Standardize Your IT Asset Data

Bring a consistent methodology to centralize the way you track and service your IT assets inventory across your operations. Consolidate and configure device lifecycle and RMA processes into one efficient system.
Operational Intelligence Management icon

Manage RMA and SLAs

Improve return and repair workflows by supporting your IT assets’ problem evaluation and repair processes. Receive real-time status updates on assets returned for repair. Track support contracts and verify vendor adherence to Service Level Agreements.
Operational Intelligence Inventory Optimization icon

Optimize IT Asset Inventory

Standardize and manage your device workflow in a centralized system. Use intelligent service reporting to improve business outcomes. “Right size” your spare pool inventory and “right place” your IT assets across sites.
1 Honeywell Productivity Products Repair Data, 2015-2018

Performance Management

Connect Honeywell mobile computers, printers, and scanners to a cloud solution that enables data gathering and analytical reporting.
“Up to 30% of IT devices get misplaced or abandoned within operational facilities due to accessory failure such as batteries.”
Operational Intelligence - utilization analytics screen capture

Utilization Analytics

Engage with an integrated dashboard delivering key performance indicators, which allows you to evaluate your IT assets’ health and utilization levels.
Operational Intelligence - Event Monitoring icon

Event Monitor/Usage Analytics

Manage real-time alarms and notifications generated by user-defined performance disruption events.
Operational Intelligence Advanced Analytics icon

Advanced Analytics

Track device location to reduce loss and inventory count times. Analyze device drop and fall events to improve care and reduce wear for longer lifespan.

Configuration Management

Reduce time spent on individual device updates and security risks by keeping devices automatically updated.
A recent report on the UK NHS cyber attacks noted that “... one of the issues that led to the attacks was a failure to migrate away from vulnerable older software.” And a U.S. industry research report stated that “The cost of a data breach in the U.S. averaged $3.8 million in 2018.”
Operational Intelligence - software updates icon

Software Updates

Remotely update your IT assets’ operating system, firmware, and security software to reduce cyber security risks as well as time spent on individual device updates.
Operational Intelligence - Configuration Updates icon

Configuration Updates

Remotely configure your IT assets’ software systems and applications to be eligible for OS vendor standard support.
Operational Intelligence - Remote Control icon

Remote Control

Remotely troubleshoot device issues and test real-time configuration updates.

Worker Performance

Analyze worker performance and workflow efficiencies by tracking device and application use.
Industry studies show that “69% of global organizations are building integrated systems to analyze worker-related data, and 17% already have real-time workforce analytics to improve the effectiveness of people-related data.”

Workforce Insights

Monitor, compare, and score your workforce through device usage and productivity to identify opportunities for continuous improvement.

Worker Time Studies

Gain real-time metrics for each step of your job workflow to identify bottlenecks and create opportunities for process improvement.

AI-Based Optimization

Leverage machine learning on IT asset usage patterns to optimize performance.

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