Consistent Processes. Improved Technician Retention. Quality Results.

Documenting inspection and maintenance checklists is typically inefficient. That’s because it forces technicians to enter their observations as a separate step from the inspection process. But no more. Voice Maintenance and Inspection's “Hands-Free, Eyes-Free™” combined process helps elevate your documentation and compliance to levels never before attainable.

Provide Process Consistency

With Voice M&I solutions, your technicians follow a consistent step-by-step standard operating procedure (SOP) across multiple locations ensuring that inspection processes are supported and meet all necessary requirements.

Onboard New Technicians Rapidly

Voice M&I solutions help you retain and onboard new technicians quickly. The easy-to-follow voice commands guide them through each step and reduce the need to interact with complex technology alternatives.

Did You Know?

A national car maintenance service organization facing high technician turnover needed to increase adherence to standard procedures to ensure accurate billing. Voice M&I was the answer, providing standardization and management visibility.

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